Every year, gatherings and get-togethers come to a near-grinding halt because of cold season. And with previous events contributing to this year’s season of sniffles, there’s little doubt that most are making contingency plans for their holiday. However, there are reasonable ways to stay healthy during a get-together with loved ones.

Here are a few ways to keep you and your guests healthy during this year’s sick season.


The best way to ensure that everyone gets their chance at a deep breath of fresh air is to be conscious of seating. Ensure everyone’s seats and comfort areas are a decent distance apart. If you’re sitting in a lounging area, ensure that you keep the seating to one or two people per seat with a decent gap between guests.

If you’re dining together, try shaking up the table-dinner idea and drop in a few lap trays or pullout tables guests can comfortably use while maintaining their personal space. If you need a table for dinner or simply want the traditional feel, try spacing the chairs out to every other one, and if your table has an extra leaf, add it in to give everyone a little more elbow room.


Proper ventilation and circulation are vital for maintaining healthy home air quality. Ensure that your vents are open and slanted in the right direction. If the weather permits, crack a few windows to allow some fresh outdoor air to come in and freshen things up.

Likewise, you’ll want to make sure that the air in your home is circulating. If you have central air, this is as easy as letting the fan run, sucking stale air out and bringing fresh air in.

For those without central air, have a few well-placed fans along the interior of your home. This will keep the air from getting too stagnant. If possible, place them near a window in an alternating fashion—some pointing inward, some pointing outward. The outward pointing fans will act as a vacuum, sucking the stale air out and pushing it through an open window. The fans pointing inward will bring in fresh air from the open windows and help keep fresh air circulating throughout your home.


Most people have had a use for disinfectant in the past, be it for cleaning up after young ones, pets, office mates or even themselves. However, disinfectant can make your home less palatable for pathogens to thrive in.

There are various ways to use disinfectants and various disinfectants to choose from. For example, you could have a UVC disinfectant light in your closet, where guests can deposit their items and have them sanitized before and after coming into your home. Likewise, try using an automatic mister to mist fine particles of disinfectant at doorways and over hallway jambs. Another tried-and-true way to use disinfectants fully is to spray and wipe or use disposable disinfectant wipes. You could even place sanitizers by high-touch areas, such as doors, sinks, snack tables and more.

Gathering during the season of the sniffles doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It can still be enjoyable if you follow these three guidelines, do a little extra cleaning and follow guidelines by medical professionals. Do these simple things and everyone will continue enjoying each other’s company for many seasons to come.

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